The Sacred Art Of Joking

An evening with James Cary



Was Jesus funny? The Church doesn’t always seem to take jokes that well… How does comedy work in the first place? We love a good sense of humour - but a joke can get you fired. Or even killed. Award-winning BBC Comedy writer and stand-up theologian James Cary explains why Christians should be able to take a joke and how the Bible is way funnier than it first appears. Seriously.

In recent years two of James’ plays have appeared at St George’s Church. A Monk’s Tale in 2017 and The God Particle in 2018. Now James himself is coming! As a comedy writer James has worked on award-winning shows and he hosts Sitcom Geeks - a podcast about the mechanics of sitcoms. As a Christian James has a theology degree from Durham, is a member of General Synod for Bath & Wells and co-presents a podcast about Church, the Bible and culture. Who better to help us navigate the stormy waters of comedy and Christianity!

Thursday 14th March, 7.30pm

Scroll down to book tickets. A bar will be open from 7pm. James will be presenting his own routines and monologues that weave together comedy and culture, ancient and modern, leaving you entertained and challenged. After an interval there will be the chance to ask him questions about the show, the Bible, writing sitcoms for the BBC, when jokes go wrong, or even his experience of being on General Synod! Copies of his new book will also be available for purchase.

See for more about James and his book. This video gives a small slice of the show.