Who Is Who?

St George’s is made up of a family of wonderful people of all ages. Here are some of them...


Tim vasby-burnie (vicar)

Tim is our Vicar and heads up the team at St George’s. He lives in the Vicarage with his wife Caroline and daughter Hannah.


fi iddon (curate)

Fi has been at St George’s since July 2017 with her husband Simon and children Bekah and Josiah.

Tel: 07793731512

e: fi.stgeorges@gmail.com

Mary Fearnside

Mary is an ordained member of the team at St George’s and takes responsibility for our mid-week Communion service.

william small

William is our ordinand, which means he is training for ministry here in the parish.

penny ross

Penny is one of our wonderful Church Wardens.

lissi small

Lissi is one of our wonderful Church Wardens.

Judith Heath-Clowes

Judith is both verger and administrator at St George’s…which means she is pretty essential to life here!

Allan Underhill

Allan is our Treasurer which means he is in charge of the money. He also makes exceedingly good cake!

Colin Keates

Colin is our organist. In his spare time, he and his wife Angela run the amazing Jigsaw choir.