Photography of Church and its people provided by Hannah Moore

St George's is the parish church for Frankwell, Mountfields, part of Copthorne, Port Hill, The Mount, Coton Hill, Greenfields and Herongate.  Whether you live in our parish or come from further afield we can assure you of a very warm welcome.

I'm new here...

If you would like to know a bit more about what you can expect at St George's then visit our I'm new page. Our Sunday services are 8am and 10.30am.

Please do note that parking on adjoining streets is tricky.  For information on how to walk from Frankwell car park click on Find Us.

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing in thankfulness.
— Apostle Paul - Colossians chapter 2


We are Christian

At the centre of all things is Jesus Christ. He is not simply the centre of Christianity. The world was made through him and for him. All history finds its purpose and goal in him. Do you want to know what the living God is like? Look at Jesus. Confused about how to live? Listen to Jesus. At St George's Church we are convinced that Jesus is Good News. If you are not sure this is true, come and find out! If you have been a Christian for decades, every week we need to be reminded that the good news is true.

We are Biblical

The Holy Spirit has given us the Bible, so that in its pages we encounter God the Son, who reveals to us God the Father. This is the Word of the Lord: Thanks be to God! More than the ancient thoughts of long-dead people, the Bible is God speaking to us today. Far from a dry difficult book, the Scriptures weave a story - The True Story - of God, the world and you. The central message is clear, yet there is a beautiful complex depth to keep us fascinated our whole lives. On Sundays and in other settings we engage with the Bible - light in the darkness and water to weary souls.

We are Anglican

We are part of the world-wide Anglican communion, sharing with millions of Christians a history that takes us back to the English Reformation. The 39 Articles and the Book of Common Prayer give us a foundation in solid truth. 

  • Christ Alone - all of God's goodness, love, truth and mercy comes to us through Jesus.

  • Grace Alone - if God has done everything necessary to save people, then no-one is beyond God's love.

  • Faith Alone - we become Christians by trusting in Jesus, and we grow by trusting in him.

  • Scripture Alone - our supreme authority, and only reliable guide to knowing God, is the Bible.

  • God's Glory Alone - he is the hero, not us!

St George's Church is part of the Shrewsbury Deanery, within the Diocese of Lichfield.

We are Friendly

Many people within our church family will tell you that St George's is their home because they experienced a warm welcome and made friends. Not that we are perfect! But we try to live as family, with social events as well as services, and great quality biscuits after our 10.30am services!



We are Liturgical

Do not be put off by the word 'liturgy'. Liturgy just means the order and the way that worship takes place. Services are shaped so that, from beginning to end, they tell the good news of Jesus. Carefully crafted prayers, words and hymns shape our thoughts and connect us with the way the Holy Spirit has guided the church across the centuries. 

At our main 10.30am Sunday service, everything you need is contained in one booklet so that it is easy to join in. If parts of the service are new to you, please do not worry. 

We are Imperfect

Christianity is about God's love towards sinners. Each week we say Sorry to God for the wrongs things we have thought and done, and for the good things we failed to do. God is gracious to us and working to make us more like Jesus. But we are not there yet! We try to be patient with each other, forgiving each other as God has forgiven us. If there are parts of church life that you do not understand, or make you uncomfortable, or offend you, please talk to us! Every follower of Jesus Christ is a learner, and we all have much to learn together.